This site began its life as a place for some problem 'real-time' solutions built in (Adobe) Flex for students in my engineering technology classes. Sadly, unless it was going to be 'on the test,' they didn't show much interest. But, in truth, these projects were as much about me having fun coding. And coding is more fun (a lot more...) than spending long Canadian winter evenings sitting in front of the TV watching hockey.

Flex, an offshoot of Flash, seemed the perfect tool for these little apps. Unfortunately, Flash is now out of favour and JavaScript web applications are all the rage. Adobe seems to have thrown in the towel, turning Flex over to the open source community and declining to continue updates to the Flash Player for mobile devices.

A new opportunity, though, as JavaScript comes of age. With the help of Grant Skinner's really excellent easeljs library, the transition from Flex (or, more precisely, from the ActionScript behind Flex) to HTML5 applications with JavaScript is not too onerous. And it definitely is nice to be able to draw directly in the browser rather than depend upon the Flash plugin.

The emphasis now for the (somewhat infrequent) additions to this site will probably be on HTML5/easeljs visualization-type stuff, still with my engineering classes in mind. Or whatever takes my fancy - that's an advantage of being a hobby-coder: I can pick my own projects. And, after all, who am I really doing this for? ;)